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 Good table manners for little monkeys.. - by   
 Publisher: Price: Year:
 Barcode #: P 07 70 8 Call #: PZ.C Jin G

 God, i need to talk to you about bullying - by Leigh, Susan K. Clark, Bill, illus 
 Publisher: Concordia Publishing House Price: RM3.90 Year: 2005
 Barcode #: S01471 Call #: PZ.C

 Flame of fire: Life and work of R.V. Bingham, D.D. - by Hunter, Ll. D., J. H  
 Publisher: Price: Year: 1961
 Barcode #:02072 Call #: BV625

 Big Idea's Veggie Town Values: Lost in place: a lesson in overcoming fear - by Kenney, Cindy Moore, Michael, illus. 
 Publisher: Zonderkidz Price: RM 11 Year: 2005
 Barcode #:05723 Call #: PZ.C Ken.L

 Good morning Boz - by Bernthal, Mark  
 Publisher: Price: Year:
 Barcode #:06133 Call #: PZ.C Ber.G

 Soul winner : advice on effective evangelism - by Spurgeon, Charles H.  
 Publisher: Christian Heritage Price: Year: 1992
 Barcode #:08423 Call #: BV3790 Spu

 Soul winner : advice on effective evangelism - by Spurgeon, Charles H.  
 Publisher: Christian Heritage Price: Year: 1992
 Barcode #:08423 Call #: BV3790 Spu

 My valentine for Jesus - by Knowlton,Laurie Lazzaro  
 Publisher: ZonderKidz Price: RM15 Year: 2010
 Barcode #:0P009095 Call #: PZ.C Kno.M

 Publisher: MARSHALL PICKERING Price: RM30 Year: 1991
 Barcode #:2QP06647 Call #: BT708C.CRA

 Your Favourite Songs of Praise - by F. Colquhoun  
 Publisher: Oxford University Press Price: Year: 1987
 Barcode #:33791000130703 Call #: BV315Col

 Fruit of the Spirit , The - by   
 Publisher: Rose Publishing Price: RM10.00 Year: 2004
 Barcode #:a06182 Call #: P022

 Second thoughts of the Dead Sea Scrolls - by Bruce, F.F.  
 Publisher: WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Price: Year: 1956, 1961
 Barcode #:Christian Focus Publications00005 Call #: BM487 Bru

 Natalie school's first day of me - by Mackall, Dandi Daley  
 Publisher: Zonderkidz Price: RM 20 Year: 2009
 Barcode #:o07109 Call #: PZ.C Mac.N

 Best is yet to come, The - by  Ryrie, Charles C. 
 Publisher: Moody Press Price: 14.90 Year: 1982
 Barcode #:P00001 Call #: BS647.2 Ryr

 Dispensationalism Today - by  Ryrie, Charles C. 
 Publisher: Moody Press Price: 14.90 Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00002 Call #: BT157 Ryr

 Scripture and Truth - by  Carson, D.A.  Woodbridge, John D.
 Publisher: IVP Price: 25.65 Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00003 Call #: BS480 Car

 Search for the twelve disciples, The - by  McBirnie, William Steuart 
 Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Price: 23.00 Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00004 Call #: BS2440 Mcb

 Second thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls - by  Bruce, F.F. 
 Publisher: Eerdmans Price: 7.45 Year: 1980
 Barcode #:P00005 Call #: BM487 Bru

 Law of Moses & of Jesus - by Tow, Timothy  
 Publisher: Christian Life Publishers Price: Year: 1986
 Barcode #:p00006 Call #: BT157 Tow

 Children of promise - by  Bromiley, Geoffrey W. 
 Publisher: Eerdmans Price: 10.30 Year: 1980
 Barcode #:P00007 Call #: BV813.2 Bro

 Both/And: A balanced apologetic - by  Mayers, Ronald B. 
 Publisher: Moody Press Price: 19.40 Year: 1984
 Barcode #:P00008 Call #: BT1102 May

 Introduction to Bible archaeology, An - by  Vos, Howard F. 
 Publisher: Moody Press Price: Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00009 Call #: BS621 Vos

 Law & liberty - by  Redpath, Alan 
 Publisher: Pickering & Inglis Price: 4.95 Year: 1981
 Barcode #:P00010 Call #: BV4655 Red

 Stones & the Scriptures, The - by  Yamauchi, Edwin 
 Publisher: IVP Price: 10.35 Year: 1973
 Barcode #:P00011 Call #: BS621 Yam

 Evidence that demands a verdict - by  McDowell, Josh 
 Publisher: Here's Life Publishers Price: Year:
 Barcode #:P00012 Call #: BS1225.2 Mcd

 Origins of the Synoptic Gospels - by  Stonehouse, Ned B. 
 Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Pub Co. Price: Year: 1963
 Barcode #:P00014 Call #: BS2555 Sto

 Alleged discrepancies of the Bible - by  Haley, John W. 
 Publisher: Whitaker House Price: 10.65 Year: 1980
 Barcode #:P00015 Call #: BS511 Hal

 C S Lewis on Scripture - by  Christensen, Michael J. 
 Publisher: Hodder & Stroughton Price: 19.75 Year: 1980
 Barcode #:P00016 Call #: BX5199 Chr

 Historical criticism of the Bible - by Yarbrough,Robert W. (translator) Linnemann, Eta 
 Publisher: Baker Bk Hse Price: 26.90 Year: 1990
 Barcode #:P00017 Call #: BT1102 Lin

 Christianity on trial - by  Chapman, Colin 
 Publisher: Lion Pub Price: Year: 1981
 Barcode #:P00018 Call #: BT1095 Cha

 The Bible and modern science - by  Morris, Henry M. 
 Publisher: Moody Press Price: Year: 1951
 Barcode #:P00019 Call #: BS650 Mor

 The Bible as history - by  Keller, Werner 
 Publisher: Bantam Books Price: 0.00 Year: 0
 Barcode #:P00020 Call #: BS635.2 Kel

 My answer to the Moscow atheists - by  Wurmbrand, Richard 
 Publisher: Arlington House Price: 0.00 Year: 1975
 Barcode #:P00021 Call #: BR128 Wur

 The two Babylons - by  Hislop, Rev. Alexander 
 Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers Price: 18.10 Year: 1959
 Barcode #:P00022 Call #: BX1765.2 His

 Modern art and the death of a culture - by Rookmaaker, H. R.  
 Publisher: IVP Price: 16.10 Year: 1980
 Barcode #:P00023 Call #: N6490 Roo

 Addicted to mediocrity - by  Schaeffer, Franky 
 Publisher: Crossway Bks Price: 12.40 Year: 1982
 Barcode #:P00024 Call #: BR115 Sch

 Gift of art, the - by  Veith, Gene Edward Jr. 
 Publisher: IVP Price: 12.40 Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00025 Call #: BS680 Vei

 Home Bible studies - by  Spande, Norma 
 Publisher: Nelson Publishers Price: 10.30 Year: 1979
 Barcode #:P00026 Call #: BS600.2 Spa

 Search the scriptures - by   
 Publisher: The Navigators Price: Year: 1974
 Barcode #:P00027 Call #: BS2530 Sea

 Making of a Man of God, The - by  Redpath, Alan 
 Publisher: Pickering & Inglis Price: 11.20 Year: 1980
 Barcode #:P00028 Call #: BS580 Red

 Listen to the Lord - by  Bramwell, Jo 
 Publisher: IVP Price: 8.90 Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00029 Call #: BS390 Bra

 Christian Counter-Culture - by  Stott, John RW 
 Publisher: IVP Price: 14.85 Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00030 Call #: BT380.2 Sto

 Romans - by  Wilson,Geoffrey B 
 Publisher: Banner Of Truth Trust Price: 7.70 Year: 1984
 Barcode #:P00031 Call #: BS2665.3 Wil

 God's new society - by  Stott. John R.W. 
 Publisher: IVP Price: 14.85 Year: 1982
 Barcode #:P00032 Call #: BS2695.3 Sto

 Christ above all - by  Brown, Raymond 
 Publisher: IVP Price: 14.85 Year: 1982
 Barcode #:P00033 Call #: BS2775.3 Bro

 I saw heaven opened - by  Wilcock, Michael 
 Publisher: IVP Price: 14.85 Year: 1983
 Barcode #:P00034 Call #: BS2825.3 Wil

 How to study guide - by  White, Jerry 
 Publisher: Nav Press Price: Year:
 Barcode #:P00035 Call #: LB1049 Whi

 Life in the Spirit in marriage, home & work - by  Jones, DM Lloyd 
 Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust Price: 19.00 Year:
 Barcode #:P00036 Call #: BS2695 Llo

 Challenge of Christian suffering : lessons from the first letter of Peter - by Alexander, Eric J.  
 Publisher: Kuala Lumpur Keswick Convention 1983 Price: Year: 1984
 Barcode #:P00037 Call #: BS2795.6.S9 Ale

 Christian's promised land - by Sanders, J. Oswald  
 Publisher: Kingsway Publications Price: Year: 1984
 Barcode #:p00038 Call #: BS580 J7San

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