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 12 Sermons of Comfort & Cheer - by Spurgeon, Charles H.  
  Publisher: Baker Book House Year: 1976 Barcode #:P0095 Call #: BT785 Spu

 12 sermons on the Lord's Supper - by Spurgeon, Charles H.  
  Publisher: Baker Book House Year: 1980 Barcode #:P00926 Call #: BV825.5 Spu

 12 Sermons on the Resurrection - by Spurgeon, Charles H  
  Publisher: Bakers Books Year: 1996 Barcode #:P07418 Call #: BT482 Spu

 12 soul-winning sermons - by Spurgeon, Charles H.  
  Publisher: Baker Book House Year: 1981 Barcode #:P00939 Call #: BV4241 Spu

 12 who changed the world : the lives and legends of the disciples - by Inch, Morris  
  Publisher: Thomas Nelson Year: 2003 Barcode #:p07040 Call #: BS2440 Inc

 123 God Is Good To Me - by  Oda, Stephanie C. 
  Publisher: C.R. Gibson Company Year:  Barcode #:P03903 Call #: PZ.C Oda G

 15 biblical responsibilities leading to financial wisdom : accepting personal accountability - by Brott, Rich  
  Publisher: ABC Book Publishing Year: 2008 Barcode #:p05853 Call #: HG179 Bro

 154 steps to revitalize your sunday school and keep your church growing - by Towns, Elmers  
  Publisher: SP Publications Year: 1988 Barcode #:P09711 Call #: BV1521 Tow

 2 Corinthians-A digest of reformed comment - by  Wilson, Geoffrey B 
  Publisher: Banner Of Truth Trust Year: 1979 Barcode #:P00049 Call #: BS2675.3 Wil

 20 Bible Verses Every Child Should Know - by   
  Publisher: Year:  Barcode #:p07037 Call #: CD PZ.C Foc. T

 20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch - by  Campolo, Tony 
  Publisher: Word Books Year: 1988 Barcode #:P00566 Call #: BT125 Cam

 2000A.D.-Are You Ready - by  Lalonde, Peter Lalonde, Paul
  Publisher: Thomas Nelson Pub. Year: 1997 Barcode #:P00825 Call #: BS649Lal

 24 ways to improve your teaching - by Gangel, Kenneth  
  Publisher: Victor Books Year: 1994 Barcode #:P09670 Call #: BV1475.2 Gan

 24 Ways To Improve Your Teaching - by  Gangel, Kenneth O. 
  Publisher: Victor Books Year: 1974 Barcode #:P01103 Call #: BV1475.2Gan

 25 Basic Bible Studies - by Francis A. Schaeffer  
  Publisher: Library of Congress-in-Publication Data Year: 1996 Barcode #:P11600 Call #: BS056 Sch

 3 Most Important Steps To Your Better Health & Miracle Living - by Roberts, Oral  
  Publisher: Fleming H Revell Co Year: 1976 Barcode #:S00200 Call #: BT732.5 ROB

 30 biblical principles for managing your money : insights that will set you free! - by Brott, Rich  
  Publisher: ABC Book Publishing Year: 2008 Barcode #:p05859 Call #: HG179 Bro

 35 keys to financial independence - by Brott, Rich  
  Publisher: ABC Book Publishing Year: 2008 Barcode #:p05856 Call #: HG179 Bro

 366 Bible Stories - by  Brunelli, Roberto Rothero Chirs
  Publisher: Brown watson Year:  Barcode #:P03047 Call #: PZ.C.Bru B

 40 questions about angels, demons and spiritual warfare - by Gilhooly, John R.  
  Publisher: Kregel Academic Year: 2018 Barcode #:P09729 Call #: BT962 Gil

 40 questions about baptism and the lord's supper - by Hammett, John S.  
  Publisher: Kregel Academic Year: 2015 Barcode #:P09700 Call #: BV811.3 Ham

 40 questions about church membership and discipline - by Kimble, Jeremy M.  
  Publisher: Kregel Academic Year: 2017 Barcode #:P09725 Call #: BV820 Kim

 40 questions about elders and deacons - by Merkle, Benjamin L.  
  Publisher: Kregel Academic Year: 2008 Barcode #:P09712 Call #: BS2545 Mer

 40 questions about heaven and hell - by Gomes, Alan W.  
  Publisher: Kregel Academic Year: 2018 Barcode #:P09737 Call #: BT846.2 Gom

  Publisher: TYNDALE Year: 1989 Barcode #:P01083 Call #: HQ769Lew

 5 simple keys to financial freedom - by Brott, Rich  
  Publisher: ABC Book Publishing Year: 2007 Barcode #:p05857 Call #: HG179 Bro

 50 craziest bible stories - by Robb, Andy  
  Publisher: CWR Year: 2008 Barcode #:p06917 Call #: PZ.C Rob.C

 50 musical activities for children (with 1 attached CD) - by Hedger, Alison  
  Publisher: Kingsway Publications Year: 2001 Barcode #:p05381 Call #: BV639 Hed

 50 Proofs for the Bible - by   
  Publisher: Year:  Barcode #:p06888 Call #: p008

 50 ways you can reach the world - by Campolo, Tony Aeschliman, Gordon 
  Publisher: IVP Year: 1993 Barcode #:P09057 Call #: BV3793 Cam

 50 weirdest bible stories - by Robb, Andy  
  Publisher: CWR Year: 2008 Barcode #:p06924 Call #: PZ.C Rob. W

 500 clean jokes and humorous stories - by Wright Raney Wright Rusty 
  Publisher: Barbour book Year: 1980 Barcode #:p07274 Call #: PN6162.Wri

 52 simple ways to have fun with your child - by Dreizler, Carl  
  Publisher: Thomas Nelson Year: 1991 Barcode #:p04878 Call #: GV180.8 Dre

 52 Stories for children - by  White, R.E.O 
  Publisher: Lowe & Brydone Printers Year: 1971 Barcode #:P01106 Call #: Pzy.Whi.S

 52 WAYS TO PREVENT HEART DISEASE - by  Shintani, Terry T. Miller, J. M. T.
  Publisher: THOMAS Year: 1993 Barcode #:P02081 Call #: RC685.C6Shi

 66 Love Letters - by Crabb, Larry  
  Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc Year: 2009 Barcode #:P09195 Call #: BS491.5Cra

 666 - by Kirban, Salem  
  Publisher: Salem Kirban Inc. Year: 1970 Barcode #:p06996 Call #: PBS2341.2 Kir

 7 days of creation - by MacDonald, Mindy   
  Publisher: Multnomah Publishers Year: 2004 Barcode #:p05321 Call #: PZ.C Mac.7

 7 years old (growing on 25) - tracks 1-10 ; Medicine of laughter - tracks 11-18 ( 1 sound disc) - by West, Kyle Swanberg, Dennis Dobson, James
  Publisher: Focus on the Family Year: 1998-1999 Barcode #:P08692 Call #: CDA 044

 750 engaging illustrations for preachers, teachers and writers - by Larson, Craig Brian Leadership Journal 
  Publisher: Baker Books Year: 2007 Barcode #:p07565 Call #: BV4225.3 Lar

 9 fruits alive (discover the fruit of the spirit) - by MacDonald, Mindy Clar, David Austin, illus 
  Publisher: Multnomah Books Year: 2004 Barcode #:S01251 Call #: PZ.C

 9 fruits alive: discover the fruit of the spirit - by MacDonald, Mindy  
  Publisher: Multnomah Publishers Year: 2004 Barcode #:p05316 Call #: PZ.C Mac.9

 9 to 5 window- now faith can transform the workplace - by Hillman, Os  
  Publisher: Regal Year: 2005 Barcode #:S01261 Call #: BT738.5 Hil

 95 Questions People Ask Most About The Holy Spirit - by  Stewart, Don 
  Publisher: Tyndale House Year:  Barcode #:P00561 Call #: BT121.2 Ste

 99 Questions people ask most about the Bible - by  Stewart, Don 
  Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Year: 1987 Barcode #:P00562 Call #: BS612 Ste

  Publisher: BAKER BK HSE Year: 1981 Barcode #:P00801 Call #: BS2825Mor

 A B see how Jesus loves me - by Kaufman, Richard L. Kaufman, Majorie R. Kaufman, Rick, illus.
  Publisher: Multnomah Press Year: 1989 Barcode #:p03829 Call #: PZ.C Kau.A

 A Baby Called Jesus - by  Lemke, Stefan 
  Publisher: Lion Publishing Year: 1978 Barcode #:P03858 Call #: PZ.C Lem A

 A biblical approach to chinese traditions and beliefs - by Daniel Tong  
  Publisher: Genesis Book Year: 2004 Barcode #:P09024 Call #: BR100 Ton

 A Biblical Approach to Indian Traditions and Beliefs - by Dr Joshua Raj  
  Publisher: Genesis Books Year: 2008 Barcode #:P09214 Call #: BR115 Raj

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